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Earn a certificate you can apply toward a Crown College degree program with CMTI’s accessible, affordably-priced online learning. With CMTI’s 40+ courses, you can keep growing as you serve and influence the world.

How CMTI works


At Crown College we’ve been online for over 20 years, providing high-quality, education for lifelong learners. You can take our professional development courses one at a time at your own pace or complete a Certificate Series to gain a robust perspective.

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Browse our growing library of courses (webinars, on-demand, email and/or instructor-led) that matches your ministry needs.

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Dig into the specifics of the class. We have Webinars , on-demand , instructor-led , and email course options. All are affordably priced or tuition free.

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It’s as simple as saying “I’m in!” Go though our secure checkout process or register for a free course today.

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Take one, two, or as many courses as you would like, at a pace that works for you.

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After all of the requirements are fulfilled, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Courses eligible for academic credit require an 80% proficiency grade and is subject to final approval of the Registrar.

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Our library of courses is always growing, so make sure to come back frequently for more CMTI courses.

  • “I enjoyed the reading and the use of videos. The overall format was very conducive to a busy lifestyle involving family and work.”

  • “Throughout the weeks that I have participated in the course, I have been able to focus on the scripture in a concentrated way. I have never read through the NT so quickly.”

  • “I am a Bible nerd and loved the historical/cultural aspects highlighted throughout the course. These go hand in hand in order to better understand God’s word.”

  • “I have a greater appreciation for what elements of the New Testament mean and how the people portrayed in the books relate to each other.”


Your questions answered

CMTI stands for Crown Ministry Training Institute. CMTI provides high-quality training that will help you lead and minister to others even more effectively. Our courses are perfect for learners in volunteer or vocational ministry roles, or who are considering a career change into church or helping professions. CMTI courses are practical and academically sound.

CMTI offers a wide variety of course topics relevant to your work and ministry. Select and enroll in your class (it takes less than 3 clicks!). Then, depending on the format of your class, you will either have instant access to all of your class content, or your course will have a noted start date and become available on a scheduled basis.

After completing your course you will receive a Certificate of Completion. With eligible courses, an 80% proficiency grade and Certificate of Completion can be applied as academic credit toward an undergraduate or graduate degree at Crown College.*

*Credits are transferrable to Crown College only. They will not count for other institutions.

Course formats include On-Demand, Instructor-Led, Webinar and Email. All are affordably priced or tuition free.

Upon completing your course, you’ll receive a digital Certificate of Completion you can download. All earned certificates will stay with your CMTI account. You’ll also earn a certificate upon completion of a course series.

Your course load is up to you. Mix and match courses and formats that work for you to build a personalized training experience. We suggest you start with one and then explore our other options.

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Leading Across Cultures

Explore concepts of leadership in context of Scripture, with a focus on servant leadership and cultural intelligence

Starts March 9, 2022


Understanding the Old Testament

Develop skills and knowledge for interpreting and applying Old Testament literature in light of its historical context. 

Starts March 9, 2022

Refugee Ministry Series

The Refugee Experience

Gain understanding of the trauma and challenges refugees experience before, during and after resettlement, through a biblical lens.

In Progress


Caring for Refugees in Crisis

Understand challenges facing refugees and best practices for helping in this free 3-session webinar from the Refugee And Immigrant Network.

Starts Today

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Focus on what matters.

Build your own learning experience at CMTI. Mix and match on-demand, webinar and limited-time courses to focus on what you want to learn now.

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Who is Crown College?

Crown College was started as a small Bible college in Saint Paul, Minnesota in 1916. For over 100 years, Crown has focused on preparing students to live out their faith in the world. Now located 40 minutes west of the Twin Cities, we offer on-campus, online undergraduategraduate degree programs and more. We have 16 NCAA Division III athletic teams, internship opportunities, and summer outreach programs around the globe. Though a lot has changed, our dedication to helping students grow in their faith has not. Our programs deeply integrate a Christian worldview into every class, helping students to become all that God desires them to be. We look forward to the next 100 years as we continue to innovate Christian higher education.


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