Meets ordination and consecration requirements

Aligned Coursework

The C&MA requires 30 Credits of Bible, Theology and Ministry Leadership with at least 18 of the 30 credits are in Bible and Theology. Each Crown 30 course work towards your ordination/consecration credits:

OT MOOC Understanding the Old Testament 3 credits (Bible & Theology)
NT MOOC Understanding the New Testament 3 credits (Bible & Theology)
CWN 3010 Leading Across Cultures 3 credits (Ministry Leadership)
CWN 3020 Biblical Interpretation 3 credits (Bible & Theology)
CWN 3030 Basic Theology I 3 credits (Bible & Theology)
CWN 3032 Basic Theology II 3 credits (Bible & Theology)
CWN 3040 Spiritual Development 3 credits (Ministry Leadership)
CWN 3060 Alliance Theology 3 credits (Bible & Theology)
CWN 3070 Evangelism & Missions 3 credits (Ministry Leadership)
CWN 3080 Ministry Communication 3 credits (Ministry Leadership)
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    Niklaus, R., Sawin, J.S., & Stoesz, S., All for Jesus: God at Work in the Christian and Missionary Alliance   |   CWN 3060 Alliance Theology

    Simpson, A. B., The Fourfold Gospel   |   CWN 3060 Alliance Theology

    Simpson, A. B., Wholly Sanctified   |   CWN 3060 Alliance Theology

    Erickson, M., A Basic Guide to Eschatology   |   CWN 3032 Basic Theology II

    Alliance Manual, Statement on Sanctification (Section H8)   |   CWN 3060 Alliance Theology

    Tozer, A. W., The Pursuit of God   |   CWN 3040 Spiritual Development

    Van De Walle, B. The Heart of the Gospel: A.B. Simpson, The Fourfold Gospel, and Late Nineteenth-Century Evangelical Theology   |   CWN 3060 Alliance Theology


    500 additional pages of reading: Crown 30 courses include reading that exceeds the required 500 pages.


    Christ our Savior   |   CWN 3070 Evangelism + Missions

    Christ our Sanctifier   |   CWN 3060 Alliance Theology

    Christ our Healer   |   CWN 3060 Alliance Theology

    Christ our Coming King   |   CWN 3030 Basic Theology II

    Christ’s Body: The Church   |   CWN 3032: Basic Theology II

    Completing Christ’s Mission   |   CWN 3070 Evangelism + Missions


    Evangelism training course    |   CWN 3070 Evangelism and Missions

    Alliance missions course    |   CWN 3070 Evangelism and Missions, CWN 3060 Alliance Theology

    Recording of full-length sermon   |   CWN 3080 Ministry Communication

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