Reflection Project 2


Write a 3-5 page paper or comparable project addressing the role of stories and proverbs in cross-cultural mentoring and teaching.

  • Section 1: Describe the expectations that local people have of their mentors and teachers (Plueddemann, chapter 5). Describe the terms low-context and high-context. Why would stories and proverbs relate better to high-context people?
  • Section 2: Describe how the local people become comfortable giving feedback. Feedback in a high-context environment is critical. What can you do to gain valuable insight into what they need to learn?
  • Section 3: Address how you can intentionally care for your personal stories and proverbs to disciple others (Moon, chapters 7-8). Describe at least one story and one proverb that you believe will identify well with disciples of the local culture and why.
  • Section 4: Comment on learning and internalizing biblical stories. Use Boomershine’s four step process: 1. Learn the story, 2. Listen to the story, 3. Connect the story to your life and 4. Tell the story (Moon, chapter 7). You can also use The Art of Storytelling from Sidebar 7.3. Which biblical stories engage well with indigenous stories for contextualization and why?
APA Guidelines for Informal Papers

You may choose the format for your projects that is most beneficial for you:

  • Paper (3-5 pages)
  • Video/audio presentation (5 minutes)
  • Slides (8-10 slides)

Academic credit: If you are seeking academic credit for this course, please choose the written paper option.

Assignment Rubric

Please use the following critiera to develop your best possible work:

CriteriaExemplaryProficientMinimalUnacceptableTotal Possible Points
Comprehensiveness: Did the student fully address each aspect of the assignment?40 to >36.0 pts
Clearly addressed each aspect of the assignment

36 to >28.0 pts Addressed each aspect of the assignment with some minor omissions.

28 to >20.0 pts Addressed aspects of the assignment with numerous omissions.
20 to >0 pts Did not acceptably address each question.40
Application: Did the student appropriately apply the paradigms to her/his life?

40 to >36.0 pts
Clearly and appropriately applied paradigm.
36 to >28.0 pts Applied paradigm with minor issues.28 to >20.0 pts Applied paradigm with major issues.20 to >0 pts Did not acceptably apply paradigm.40
Grammar and formatting

20 to >18.0 pts No formatting, spelling or grammatical errors.
18 to >14.0 pts Averages only 1 or 2 errors per page.
14 to >10.0 pts Averages 3-5 errors per page.10 to >0 pts More than 5 errors per page.20