Course Assignments

Reading Assignments

Chapters of the texts and supplemental readings and/or selected films, videos, and/or audio assignments are assigned for each module.


This course contains 5 quizzes to help you remember key course content. You may retake the quizzes as needed to reach the correct answers.

Guided Reflections

You’ll write brief reflections for most modules designed to help you process course concepts. These reflections will be graded based on your completion of the work, but will not be assessed for its detailed content.

Journaling & Note-Taking

This course requires a fair amount of introspection and reflection. In recognition of that reality, you’ll need to record your thoughts and reflections in written form, but do not need to submit your work. Simply hit “Mark Complete” when you’ve done each journaling step.

Final Projects

You’ll complete two final integration projects to demonstrate familiarity with the topics from this course and your personal integration of the material.