4 Slavery in NT Times Essay Copy


Drawing from the articles by Meager and Wallace, write a 1 to 2-page essay (APA style page format) answering these questions:

  • Does this historical-cultural information help you better understand Paul’s message in Ephesians 6:5-9? How?
  • Identify at least one other example of a situation where you believe that a lack of knowledge regarding the historical-cultural background of text led or could lead to a misunderstanding or misapplication of biblical teaching.
APA Guidelines for Formal Papers

Assignment Rubric

Use the following criteria to develop your best possible work:

CriteriaExemplaryProficientMinimalUnacceptableTotal Possible Points
Demonstrates a comprehensive biblical understanding of healing25 to >22.5 pts Comprehends and explains the centrality of the church’s ministry of healing22.5 to >20.0 pts Understands biblical accounts of healing, but does not adequately recognize this provision of God’s grace.20 to >17.5 pts Has a limited understanding of healing, but does not see the continuing relevance of healing within a contemporary setting.17.5 to >0 pts Does not consider the healing narratives as accurate depictions of what actually took place.25
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeIdentifies strategic Old & New Testament healing narratives25 to >22.5 pts Identifies specific Old and New Testament healing narratives22.5 to >20.0 pts Identifies some Old & New Testament healing narratives.20 to >17.5 pts Offers some generalized comments concerning healing within the biblical narrative.17.5 to >0 pts Fails to identify specific healing narratives.25
Effectively integrates Old Testament, Gospel and Epistolary teaching on healing within the life and ministry of the church.25 to >22.5 pts Shows competence in understanding the comprehensive nature of Jesus’ ministry of healing22.5 to >20.0 pts Demonstrates a developing awareness of some healing narratives within Jesus’ life and ministry.20 to >17.5 pts Identifies some instances of Jesus’ healing ministry as something only available in Jesus’ day.17.5 to >0 pts Fails to integrate biblical teaching on healing within the life and ministry of the local church.25
Expresses a persuasive challenge to Issues a persuasive challenge to believers to embrace the church’s ministry of healing.20 to >18 pts Clearly identifies strategic ways to lead Jesus’ followers into the church’s ministry of healing.18 to >16.0 pts Expresses the desire to see pray for the sick and experience God’s healing grace.16 to >14.0 pts When all else fails, praying for the Lord’s healing touch is something Christians may want to consider doing.14 to >0 pts Fails to challenge believers to embrace the church’s ministry of healing.20
Formatting and Grammar Meets APA Standards5 to >4.5 pts Formatting & grammar meet all APA standards4.5 to >4.0 pts The submission has some minor formatting or grammatical issues4 to >3.5 pts The submission has recurring formatting or grammatical issues3.5 to >0 pts The formatting and grammar is not commensurate with APA criteria5