3: Essential Residency Experiences Copy

Here are recommended experiences we encourage you to provide for your resident:

Participating and leading in these areas will better prepare your resident for long-term ministry, regardless of whether their job description typically includes these duties.

  1. Attend a board meeting (and possibly lead one)
  2. Attend an elder’s meeting
  3. Lead a staff meeting
  4. Plan a worship service start to finish
  5. Plan or participate in a special service (baptism, communion, funeral, etc)
  6. Speak in a main worship service
  7. Plan and propose a budget for a ministry area or larger event
  8. Run the livestream/digital service experience or shadow someone doing it
  9. Get a volunteer trained & empowered to do something the resident isn’t an expert in
  10. Plan and execute a community service/outreach opportunity
  11. Visitation experiences (sick, shut-ins)
  12. Relational contacting with people outside their comfort zone
  13. Contribute to an annual report
  14. Attend District Conference
  15. Plan or participate in a short-term missions experience 
  16. Plan and lead a retreat or other event