1 Discussion Prompt

The threaded discussion questions will give you the opportunity to discuss with your classmates and to interact with some of the ideas and concepts presented in the material.

Your initial response is due Thursday by 11:59 pm (CST) and should be 250 to 350 words in length.  It should demonstrate thoughtful consideration and application of the material.  You are expected to reference the assigned reading in a meaningful way.  Additional outside material for reference must be cited properly.  Late initial posts greatly reduce your grade as your classmates are depending on you.

After your initial response, you will reply to the posts of at least two of your classmates. Your replies are expected to be considerate and to follow the basic rules of netiquette.  Reply posts should aim to extend the discussion – comments such as “I agree” or “I like that” are not sufficient.  Explain what you agree with or what you like, then push the conversation a little further with a sentence like “have you thought about…?” Due to the interactive nature of threaded discussions, late reply posts receive no credit. Keep in mind that the professor is looking for depth of thought and expression, with replies of 50-75 words in length due Sunday by 11:59 pm (CST).  

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Discussion Rubric

Use these criteria to develop your best work:

CriteriaExemplaryProficientMinimalUnacceptableTotal Possible Points
Holistic Score55 pts Exemplary in each of the following areas – Quality, Timeliness and Interaction45 pts Exemplary and/or Proficient in each of the following areas – Quality, Timeliness and Interaction30 pts Minimal or higher ratings in each of the following areas – Quality, Timeliness and Interaction15 > 0 pts Unacceptable rating in at least one of the following areas – Quality, Timeliness and Interaction55
Quality15 pts Postings are well developed (this includes meeting length requirements). Answers provide clear evidence of critical thinking (analysis, synthesis, evaluation, or application). Questions or observations add greater depth to the discussion by introducing new and relevant ideas. Quoted or paraphrased material is properly documented in APA format (using in-text citations).10 pts Postings show some development. Some critical thinking is evident in answers. Questions and observations add to the discussion by expanding the ideas of others. Quoted or paraphrased material is cited, but does not follow correct APA formatting5 pts Postings show nominal development Answers show only the beginnings of critical thinking. Questions and observations do not add to the discussion. Quoted or paraphrased material is cited, but does not follow correct APA formatting.0 pts Postings show no development. Postings mostly reiterate what the textbook or others have said. Questions and observations detract from the discussion. Student does not acknowledge when material is borrowed or quoted.15
Timeliness15 pts Makes the initial posting by Day 4, Thursday. Makes comments to others while discussion threads are active and flowing.10 pts Makes the initial posting by Day 5, Friday. Makes comments in time for others to profit from their insights.5 pts Makes the initial posting by Day 6, Saturday. Makes comments when discussion threads are no longer active, but the information can still be useful to others.0 pts Does not respond to the question or topic until Day 7, Sunday or later. The contribution is of negligible value because others have moved on to other discussions.15
Interaction15 pts Responds to a minimum of two other students. Day 7, Sunday Is clearly collaborative by taking the initiative to respond to other student’s questions, providing clarification, and insight on issues in the discussion. Shows initiative in leading discussions.10 pts Responds to one other student. Day 7, Sunday Is collaborative in some situations. Shows some initiative in discussions.5 pts Responds to one other student. After Day 7, Sunday Presence was not collaborative. Shows little initiative in discussions.0 pts Does not respond to the postings of others in the discussion. Any posting(s) are isolated and of negligible value in building a collaborative discussion. Takes no initiative in discussions.15