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      No matter how one translates the topic, it means not many. Within the context of the mission, Christ entrusts to the church, especially within America, the number of people coming to and declaring their faith in Christ is not impressive. While some churches have a noticeable increase in attendance, one is hard-pressed to find a single county in a single state in the United States with an increase in the percentage of people professing faith in Jesus Christ (conversion growth) in the past decade. While the reasons for this may be many and varied, one core factor may be a lack of initiative on the part of Christians to establish connections and to share life, let alone, share their hope in Christ with people who do not claim or profess any interest in spiritual things.

      While this is more than disturbing, an even greater factor may be indifference to the spiritual destiny of people without Christ. In developing a response to this, share some observations, which illustrate your convictions on the issue.

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