Understanding the Old Testament

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Develop skills and knowledge for interpreting and applying Old Testament literature in light of its historical context.


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What you’ll learn

  • Present a systematic overview of Israel’s history up to 400 BC.
  • Correlate Israel’s history with the major empires of the ancient world.
  • Identify the important persons, places and events of the Old Testament (OT) and explain their significance.
  • Describe God’s sovereign election of the Israelites as His chosen people
  • Recognize the cultural dynamics evident in the Old Testament narratives and appreciate the cultural differences between that setting and our modern world
  • Apply the significant lessons of the OT to your own life. 
  • Become a life-long student of the Bible who enjoys reading the Scripture, intellectually interprets it, and seeks to flesh out the practical and moral teaching in the Bible.

Required Text

This course is free but does require you to purchase the following textbook. It is ESSENTIAL to your successful completion of this course and you’ll need it the first week of class. Both hardcover and ebook editions are available for purchase.




By completing this course with a demonstrated 80% proficiency, you are eligible to apply a Certificate of Completion for 3 academic credits in an undergraduate degree at Crown College. This course can also be applied as 3 professional development credits of the Crown 30 Certificate Program for learners pursuing licensing, ordination or consecration with the Christian & Missionary Alliance.

Your Instructor

Mark Kennicott

Mark Kennicott holds a M.Div. from Crown College and is enrolled in a Ph.D. program at Liberty University. He currently lives in Eustis, Florida with his family and teaches English Language Arts at a Christian school. In March 2018, he published his first book, Where Virtue Flows: Receiving the Power Released in His Presence. When he’s not teaching or writing, Mark enjoys rock climbing, disc golf, and spending time with his family.

Course Syllabus

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