Understanding the New Testament

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About this Course

This course is a study of the historical background and general content of the New Testament. Through weekly discussion threads, students will apply principles from the life of Christ and the teachings of the New Testament to their life context. Collaborative projects will also help students master information that is foundational to understanding the literature of the New Testament.

What you’l learn in this course:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the culture and historical background of the New Testament
  • Acquire knowledge about the general content of the books of the New Testament including the general theological themes of each book.
  • Demonstrate the ability to interpret and make valid personal application of selected New Testament texts.
  • Evaluate the historical background and text of the New Testament with a view toward understanding Jesus’ mission, and the mission of the early church.
  • Explain contextually the broad contours of Paul’s missionary activity and the significance of New Testament letters in the life of the early church.

Mastery Areas

  • Biblical Proficiency
  • Theological Understanding
  • Reasoning Faith

Your Instructor

Mark Kennicott

Bible. Any major translation.

Burge, G. M., Cohick, L., andGreen, G. (2009). The New Testament in antiquity. Grand Rapids: Zondervan.