The Practice of Holistic Ministry

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Course Dates: Sept. 27 – Oct 25, 2021

Get Credit and Earn the Holistic Ministry Certificate

This course is Part 3 of 3 in the Holistic Ministry course series. You’ll earn 1 academic credit if you successfully complete this course with a demonstrated 80% proficiency. By completing all three courses at an 80% proficiency, you can articulate 3 credits at no additional cost toward an academic degree at Crown College.

Part 1: Foundations of Holistic Ministry
Part 2: Holistic Ministry to the Poor

About this Course

Learn the developmental phases and characteristics essential to building your organization’s holistic ministry initiatives in this 4-week mini-course. You’ll explore principles you can use right away to help your organization develop more effective holistic ministries.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Identify the characteristics of effective holistic ministry organizations
  • Understand the stages of developing an organization that does effective holistic ministry
  • Create a plan for increasing the effectiveness of their organization’s holistic ministry

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  • Sider, R., Olson, P. & Unruh, H.R. (2002). Churches that make a difference: Reaching your community with good news and good works. Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books. [ISBN: 978-0878085415] 

Kindle and paperback versions of the text are available through Amazon.

Additional readings are provided in the course.