Restoring Family Life & Redeeming Your Family Dynasty

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Explore biblical perspectives on healthy family life and learn welcome the presence of Christ into your family, no matter what your story is.

What you’ll learn

  1. Discovering the three non-negotiables for a healthy marriage.
  2. Identify family secrets and family sin patterns.
  3. Face your own emotional wounds.
  4. Break off generational curses.
  5. Redeem the full measure of blessing of Christ.
  6. Learn to incorporate the power of blessing.
  7. Learn the life-giving discipline of death to self and union with Christ.
  8. Identify your distinct family calling.
  9. Learn to walk in kingdom authority.
  10. Become a missional family.


College of Prayer International mentors, trains and equips Christian leaders who will reach a lost world through a revived church. Lives are ignited with the presence of Christ.

We’re here to guid you in getting back to the basics of a vibrant Christ-filled life. We’re here to mentor you when you’re working too hard and praying too little. And we’re here to equip you with tools to increase your intimacy with the living God. All of this starts with a simple, but honest plea: “Lord, teach us to pray!” (Luke 11:1).


Rev. Fred Hartley III
Rev. Jon Mitchell


College of Prayer Series

By completing all 4 courses in the College of Prayer Certificate series with a demonstrated 80% proficiency, you are eligible to apply your College of Prayer Certificate for 3 academic credits in an undergraduate or graduate degree at Crown College. This certificate can also be applied as 3 professional development credits of the Crown 30 Certificate Program for learners pursuing licensing, ordination or consecration with the Christian & Missionary Alliance in place of CWN 3040 Spiritual Development.


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Seize Your Calling & Walk in Kingdom Authority

Discover your unique life-calling and be empowered to walk in kingdom authority as we reach the remaining unreached peoples of the earth.

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Required Texts:

College of Prayer Year 2 Notebook (Available for free download inside the course)

Gospel of Genesis (any Bible translation)

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