Multicultural Teamwork

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Study the components that intercultural workers encounter in a team context. Content emphasizes the biblical role of multicultural teams and multicultural team dynamics.

March 13 – May 7, 2023

What you’ll learn:

  • Appreciate and understand the intercultural dynamics present in a multicultural team context.
  • Analyze biblical precedents as they apply to diversity and ministry which grows out of cooperation.
  • Apply multicultural teamwork principles to an actual work setting.
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Your Instructor

Matt and his wife, Rachel, have served in the Middle East for the past 18 years in various roles with the Christian & Missionary Alliance. Currently they are supervising and coaching in church planting teams in 7 locations around the Europe-Middle East region. Matt earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in Church Planting and is passionate about healthy teams and healthy leaders.


This course is one of three in the Multicultural Teams Certificate series. By completing this and the other two courses in this series with a demonstrated 80% proficiency, you are eligible to apply your Certificate of Completion for 3 academic credits in a graduate degree at Crown College.


Multicultural Teams Series

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Multicultural Teams Series

Multicultural Team Leadership

Learn to build collective unity around a common vision while accounting for the diverse cultural aspects of the team members. 

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Hibbert, E. & Hibbert, R. (2014). Leading Multicultural Teams. Pasadena, CA: William Carey. [ISBN: 978-0878085415] Additional readings are provided in the course.

Kindle and paperback versions of the text are available through Amazon.

Additional readings are provided in the course.


Course Syllabus