Multicultural Team Conflict Resolution

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Course dates: August 25 – October 17, 2021

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About this Course

This course will enable you to understand how to build trust and resolve cross-cultural conflict in multicultural teams. Focus will be given on respecting differences while communicating across cultures in appropriate manners, mediation, and power dynamics.

This course is offered as a collaboration with Alliance Missions.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Understand your own personal and cultural conflict resolution preferences.
  • Appreciate the wide range of multicultural conflict resolution preferences possible in other cultures with theory and principles for interacting with people within these cultures.
  • Apply multicultural team conflict resolution principles to an actual work setting.

Mastery Areas

  • Cultivating Cultural Equity
  • Collaborating with Diverse People
  • Building Multicultural Teams
  • Navigating Conflict
  • Critical Interventions

Certificate Info

Learners who successfully complete this class will receive a certificate of completion for Crown’s Multicultural Team Conflict Resolution professional development course.

You can earn a Multicultural Team Dynamics certificate by completing all three courses in this series:

  • Multicultural Teamwork Styles and Stages
  • Multicultural Team Conflict Resolution
  • Cross-Cultural Coaching & Teaching

Learners who complete the entire course with 80% proficiency are eligible to articulate 1 academic credit toward a degree at Crown College.

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Personal Bundle Solution. Available at (Links to an external site.).

Kindle and paperback versions of the text are available through Amazon.

Additional readings are provided in the course.