CMTI 0410 Hmong Worldview

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About this Course

In this course, you’ll be equipped with a knowledge of the history, beliefs, and culture of the Hmong people with special emphasis on the animistic worldview as it impacts Hmong culture. You’ll be prepared to minister in a variety of Hmong ministry contexts and work with people groups from other animistic cultural backgrounds.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Identify the history, beliefs, and cultures of the Hmong people.
  • Understand the Hmong animistic worldview that has formed their culture.
  • Apply the concepts to have effective ministry and missions in the Hmong context.
  • Develop a basic understanding and knowledge of other animistic cultures.

Earn Credit

By successfully completing this course at a demonstrated 80% proficiency, you will be eligible to apply the three professional development credits toward a Crown College undergraduate or graduate degree program at no additional cost.


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  1. Long Khang. Hmong Animism – A Christian Perspective. Self-published byXulon Press,  2015. Formerly a doctoral dissertation for the Trinity Divinity School in Indiana for the Ph.D. in theology. 
  1. Timothy T. Vang,Coming a Full Circle: Historical Analysis of Hmong Church Growth 1950 – 1998,Fuller Theological Seminary, 1998.  
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