CWN 3020 Biblical Interpretation

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About this Course

Learn to study the Bible for yourself with confidence! You’ll gain practical experience in interpreting the Bible in this hands-on course, applying a variety of exegetical strategies to Scripture passages.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • Observe and analyze Bible passages using inductive Bible study methods.
  • Understand the importance of authorial intent when interpreting Scripture.
  • Interpret Bible passages in light of their historical-cultural and literary context.
  • Apply Biblical principles to your personal life and social setting.
  • Utilize basic reference works and study helps when interpreting Scripture.

Licensing, Ordination and Consecration Requirements this course fulfills

By completing this course and its assignments fully, you will meet the following C&MA credentialing criteria:

  • 3 of the 30 required Bible, theology & ministry leadership course credits


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Earn Credit

By completing this course with a demonstrated 80% proficiency, you are eligible to apply a Certificate of Completion for 3 academic credits in an undergraduate degree at Crown College. This course can also be applied as 3 professional development credits of the Crown 30 Certificate Program for learners pursuing licensing, ordination or consecration with the Christian & Missionary Alliance.


  • Duvall, S. J. & Hays, D. J. (2012). Grasping God’s word: A hands-on approach to reading, interpreting, and applying the Bible(3rd ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. [ISBN: 978-0310492573] (Kindle and paperback versions of the text are available through Amazon.)
  • A study Bible (either the New International Version or the New American Standard Version is preferred).


  • Fee, G. D., & Stuart, S. (1995). How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth (2rd ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.  

Additional readings are provided in the course.

Free resources for Bible study:

  • – This site has a few helpful commentaries – the IVP New Testament Commentary Series is especially noteworthy.  Enter a Bible passage and then click on “Show resources” to see which resources address your passage.

  • – Several commentaries, encyclopedias, and dictionaries available; enter Bible passage then scroll down for a list of study tools.

  • – This site can be used to do word studies, among other things.

  • – This site has several helpful resources including a couple of commentaries, dictionaries, study notes, and a limited word study tool; it is based on the Holman Christian Standard Bible – a modern translation by more than 100 Christian scholars from various denominations and backgrounds.

  • – Contains the NET Bible and commentary. Enter your passage and click on “Notes.”

  • – Many commentaries, encyclopedias, and dictionaries; click on “Bible Study Tools” and search by Bible passage.
  • E-Sword ( is a downloadable database with many Bible study references. Most of them are dated (typical of the free resources on most of these sites), but they can still be helpful. We suggest downloading the following:  
    • Brown-Driver-Brigg’s Hebrew Definitions
    • Nave’s Topical Bible
    • Robinson’s Morphological Analysis Codes
    • Thayer’s Greek Definitions
    • Easton’s Bible Dictionary
    • Fausset’s Bible Dictionary
    • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
    • Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary
    • Matthew Henry’s Commentary on the Whole Bible
    • Robinson’s Word Pictures in the New Testament
    • Vincent’s Word Studies
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