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The course examines the origins, growth and life of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in its historical and theological context. Special attention is paid to the denomination’s founder, theological emphases, missionary outreach, and international character.

Course assignments will deepen personal understanding of key spiritual truths and the practical application of these spiritual principles within one’s life and ministry. Specific areas of study in this course include salvation, sanctification, the ministry of healing and Christ’s return as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

If you are pursuing service or ordination/consecration with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, this course will meet your Alliance Polity requirement and additional assignments you’ll need for your credentialing.

Note: The successful completion of this course does not fulfill ALL the ordination/consecration requirements of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.


Crown 30: March 13 – May 7, 2023
Anchor Church: March 7 – April 25, 2023

What you’ll learn

  • Articulate the vision, mission and passion embedded within the late nineteenth century history of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, which continues to influence its present calling.
  • Identify the Alliance distinctives that have shaped its theological experience with particular attention to sanctification, healing, eschatology and missions.
  • Develop understanding of the spirituality, structures and philosophy of ministry of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.
  • Appreciate a broadened understanding of the work of the Alliance in the United States and throughout the world.
  • Examine the historical, theological and spiritual distinctives of the Alliance.


Dr. Sally Fry
Susan Bouterse


By successfully completing this course at a demonstrated 80% proficiency, you will be eligible to apply the three professional development credits toward a Crown College undergraduate degree program at no additional cost. This course can also be applied as 3 professional development credits of the Crown 30 Certificate Program for learners pursuing licensing, ordination or consecration with the Christian & Missionary Alliance. View academic credit FAQs.


By completing this course and its assignments fully, you can meet the following C&MA credentialing criteria:

  • Read Van De Walle, B. The Heart of the Gospel: A.B. Simpson, The Fourfold Gospel, and Late Nineteenth-Century Evangelical Theology
  • Read Niklaus, R., Sawin, J.S., & Stoesz, S., All for Jesus: God at Work in the Christian and Missionary Alliance
  • Read Simpson, A. B., The Fourfold Gospel
  • Read Simpson, A. B., Wholly Sanctified
  • Read Alliance Manual, Statement on Sanctification (Section H8)
  • Christ our Sanctifier Position Paper
  • Christ our Healer Position Paper
  • 3 of the 30 required Bible, theology & ministry leadership credits
View full Crown 30 course list and CMA requirements


Personal Computer:  You must have access to a computer with Windows 8/10 or Mac OS X to complete the course work. Linux OS based computers will function for most online content, but you may run into some restrictions when trying to view multimedia content.  

Internet Service: High-speed internet service is recommended. 

CMTI Learning Management System:This course will be administered online here at CMTI runs on a different platform than Canvas. If you have a Crown Canvas account, please note that this login and password are NOT linked, and changing the password on one does not change your password on the other.

Microsoft Office:  Students must submit assignments in Microsoft Word or PDF format unless otherwise specified in order to be graded by Crown’s instructors.   


Niklaus, R.L., Sawin, J.S., & Stoesz, S.J. (2013). All for Jesus: God at work in the Christian and Missionary Alliance over one hundred years (revised ed.). Harrisburg, PA: Wingspread Publishers. [ISBN: 978-1600662676]. (eBook version only)

Van De Walle, Bernie, A. (2009). The Heart of the Gospel: A.B. Simpson, The Fourfold Gospel, and Late Nineteenth Century Evangelical Theology (Princeton theological monograph). Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications. [ISBN: 978-1556359408]

The Fourfold Gospel, Wholly Sanctified, and additional readings are provided within the course.


Course Syllabus