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Prepare to serve with the Alliance

This Certificate Series includes 10 professional development courses in 8-week modules.

  • Fully online: Learn right where you are
  • Affordably priced: Complete all 10 courses for $3,600
  • Get credit: Apply up to 30 certificate credits toward an undergraduate Crown College degree


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Courses in this Series


Ministry Communication

Explore essential skills for communication the gospel and other biblical truth through a variety of media.

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Understanding the Old Testament

Develop skills and knowledge for interpreting and applying Old Testament literature in light of its historical context. 

Starts March 9, 2022


Leading Across Cultures

Explore concepts of leadership in context of Scripture, with a focus on servant leadership and cultural intelligence

Starts March 9, 2022


Basic Theology 1

Survey the doctrines of revelation, inspiration of Scripture, God, creation, mankind and sin.

Starts May 16, 2022


Basic Theology II

Study doctrines related to the atonement, Christology, the Holy Spirit, the Church and the Last Things (Eschatology). 

Starts July 4, 2022


Understanding the New Testament

Discover the history and content of the New Testament and learn to interpret it for understanding and daily life application.

Starts June 13, 2022


Biblical Interpretation

Gain practical experience in interpreting the Bible in this hands-on course, applying a variety of exegetical strategies to Scripture passages.

Starts Aug. 25, 2022


Spiritual Development

Cultivate your personal and corporate formation in Christ with this deep dive into spiritual disciplines and biblically-based soul care.

Starts Oct. 19, 2022


Alliance Theology

Examine the origins, growth and life of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in its historical and theological context.

Starts August 2022


Evangelism and Missions

In this Crown 30 course, you'll develop a biblical philosophy of evangelism and missions to help you live a life that leads others toward Jesus. 

Starts Oct. 19, 2022

Why Choose Crown 30?

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Courses are offered in 8-week modules year-round, so you can complete all 10 courses in less than 2 years.

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Tuition is discounted so you can complete your ministry requirements debt-free.



Your coursework can be applied to a degree with Crown College.

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“The course provided me the motivation and the structured guidance that I needed as I took on the adventure to study.” 



Understanding the New Testament Learner

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