Classroom Leadership Principles

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Welcome to Classroom Leadership Principles!

Classroom Leadership Principles is a three-week course that focuses on effectively managing the Elevate classroom.

Once you have completed all course requirements, you will receive a certificate from Crown College and Elevate. If you submit this certificate to Crown College within 12 months of course completion, you can articulate three academic credits at no cost toward a degree from Crown.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • I can navigate the online Elevate curriculum.
  • I can demonstrate quieting procedures effective for a high school audience.
  • I can demonstrate effectively teaching an Elevate lesson in the way it was designed with a Teacher Mentor team.
  • I understand my role, influence, and responsibility as an educator.

Your Instructor

Krista Wallace, Director of Learning and Innovation, Elevate USA

You can contact Krista at if you need assistance.

Hendricks, Howard. Teaching to Change Lives. Multnomah: 2003.

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