Church CARE Now: Incarnational Trauma Care

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About this course

This course explores the concepts of race, ethnicity and culture from biblical and psychological perspectives. You’ll consider the traumatic impact of the Fall on culture, humanity’s relationship with God, each other, and creation. The need for incarnational approaches and reconciliation is emphasized, and the Church is called on to CARE (Christians Acting in Reconciliation and Empathy) now. Church CARE encourages believers to walk in humility, compassion and love in cross-cultural and other contexts where traumatized individuals and communities need to see a reflection of Christ and experience His help, hope and healing.

Students who complete this course will:

  • Understand concepts of race, ethnicity, and culture from biblical perspectives.
  • Demonstrate God’s call for churches to provide His incarnational CARE (Christians Acting in Reconciliation and Empathy) to culturally traumatized individuals and communities.

In partnership with The ACTS Institute

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Dr. Cathy Sigmund

Dr. Sigmund, PhD, CWM, CCTP, is a licensed psychologist and licensed minister (Christian & Missionary Alliance). She is passionate about integrating faith with professional practice, research and consultation, and specializes in studying and working with people of other cultures, especially those who have been victimized by violence and/or trauma. Dr. Sigmund is a psychologist, consultant and academic instructor in the Greater Pittsburgh area as well as other locations in the U.S. and overseas.