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Study God’s Word with Confidence

This Certificate Series includes 4 professional development courses in 7-week modules.



Why Choose the Understanding the Bible Certificate?

Paced for Focus

Courses are offered in 7-week modules, so you can complete all 4 courses in less than a year.


Pay one course at a time (and 2 of the 4 courses are tuition free!)

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Apply your certificate for up to 12 undergraduate academic credits at Crown College, if you complete the class with at least an 80% proficiency rate and meet eligibility requirements.


free online new testament course

Understanding the New Testament

Discover the history and content of the New Testament and learn to interpret it for understanding and daily life application.

Starts March 13, 2023

Crown 30

Basic Theology I

Survey the doctrines of revelation, inspiration of Scripture, God, creation, mankind and sin.

Starts May 15, 2023


Biblical Interpretation

Gain practical experience in interpreting the Bible in this hands-on course, applying a variety of exegetical strategies to Scripture passages.

Starts August 27, 2023


Understanding the Old Testament

Develop skills and knowledge for interpreting and applying Old Testament literature in light of its historical context. 

July 3, 2023


Personal Computer:  You must have access to a computer with Windows 8/10 or Mac OS X to complete the course work. Linux OS based computers will function for most online content, but you may run into some restrictions when trying to view multimedia content.  

Internet Service: High-speed internet service is recommended. 

CMTI Learning Management System:This course will be administered online here at cmti.crown.edu. CMTI runs on a different platform than Canvas. If you have a Crown Canvas account, please note that this login and password are NOT linked, and changing the password on one does not change your password on the other.

Microsoft Office:  Students must submit assignments in Microsoft Word or PDF format unless otherwise specified in order to be graded by Crown’s instructors.