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Develop a biblical philosophy and approach to evangelism and missions to help you live a life that leads others toward Jesus. You’ll study the eternal destiny of believers and non-believers, a theology of biblical evangelism and missions, and principles for effectively fulfilling the Great Commission at home and abroad.

If you are pursuing service or ordination/consecration with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, several course assignments will be beneficial as you prepare to meet your district’s requirements.

Note: The successful completion of this course does not fulfill ALL the ordination/consecration requirements of the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the importance of key issues in the theology of evangelism and missions.
  • Integrate key biblical passages into a developing theology of evangelism and missions.
  • Evaluate present methods and models of evangelism and missions in light of Scriptural teaching and the socio-cultural context.
  • Synthesize course materials into a theology and philosophy of evangelism and missions that will provide a framework for a lifestyle of participating in, and leading others toward, completing the Great Commission domestically and internationally.
  • Apply biblical principles of evangelism and missions to one’s personal life and ministry context.
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By completing this course and its assignments fully, you will meet the following C&MA credentialing criteria:

  • Attending/completing an evangelism training seminar approved by the district superintendent and the LO&CC
  • Attending/completing a course focused on Alliance missions objectives and methods approved by the district superintendent and the LO&CC
  • Christ as Savior Position Paper
  • Completing Christ’s Mission Position Paper
  • 3 of the 30 required Bible, theology & ministry leadership academic credits


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By successfully completing this course at a demonstrated 80% proficiency, you will be eligible to apply the three professional development credits toward a Crown College undergraduate degree program at no additional cost.

Susan Bouterse

Your Instructor


Susan is Pastor of Spiritual Formation and Anchor Internship lead at Anchor Church in Tacoma, Washington.


  • Chan, S. (2018). Evangelism in a Skeptical world: How to make the unbelievable new about Jesus more believable. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. [ISBN: 978-0-310-53467-9]
  • Ott, C. (2019). Church on mission: A biblical vision of transformation for all people. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic. [ISBN: 978-1540960887]
  • Keller, Tim (2020). How to Reach the West Again. Free download from Redeemer City to City.

Additional readings are provided in the course.


Course Syllabus