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Holistic Ministry Series

The Practice of Holistic Ministry

Learn the developmental phases and characteristics essential to building your organization’s holistic ministry initiatives in this mini-course.

Starts January 16, 2023

Refugee Ministry Series

The Refugee Experience

Gain understanding of the trauma and challenges refugees experience before, during and after resettlement, through a biblical lens.

Starts August 22, 2022

ACTS Institute

Trauma Care Counseling Strategies

Learn valuable strategies and practical tools for coming alongside people amid grief, loss and trauma in this self-paced course.

Starts Today


Understanding the Bible Certificate

Understanding the Bible Certificate | Study God’s Word with Confidence in this 4-course series on Bible knowledge and application.

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free online new testament course

Understanding the New Testament

Discover the history and content of the New Testament and learn to interpret it for understanding and daily life application.

Starts June 6, 2022


Understanding the Old Testament

Develop skills and knowledge for interpreting and applying Old Testament literature in light of its historical context. 

Starts October 24, 2022


Unleashing the Next Generation

Are you ready to hand over the future of the church to the next generation? In this course, you’ll be equipped to empower young leaders.

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