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CWN 3030 Basic Theology 1

Survey the doctrines of revelation, inspiration of Scripture, God, creation, mankind and sin.

Starts May 16, 2022


CWN 3032 Basic Theology II

Study doctrines related to the atonement, Christology, the Holy Spirit, the Church and the Last Things (Eschatology). 

Starts July 4, 2022


CWN 3040 Spiritual Development

Cultivate your personal and corporate formation in Christ with this deep dive into spiritual disciplines and biblically-based soul care.

Starts August 2022


CWN 3060 Alliance Theology

Examine the origins, growth and life of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in its historical and theological context.

Starts October 2022


CWN 3070 Evangelism and Missions

In this Crown 30 course, you’ll develop a biblical philosophy of evangelism and missions to help you live a life that leads others toward Jesus. 

In Progress


CWN 3080 Ministry Communication

Explore essential skills for communication the gospel and other biblical truth through a variety of media.

Starts January 12, 2022

Hmong Ministry Certificate

Gain an in-depth understanding of Hmong culture while building practical skills to minister effectively.

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Holistic Ministry Certificate

Examine major paradigms for understanding holistic ministry and develop a project you can apply to your ministry context.

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Instructor Orientation

Learn to navigate and facilitate courses in CMTI’s Learning Management System.

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Intercultural Discipleship Certificate

Gain knowledge and skills to contextualize Christianity into disciples’ culture and to help them adopt countercultural Christian practices.

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Refugee Ministry Certificate

Prepare to serve with the Alliance: Includes 10 professional development courses in 8-week module that meet requirements you need.

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ACTS Institute

Trauma Care Counseling Strategies

Learn valuable strategies and practical tools for coming alongside people amid grief, loss and trauma in this self-paced course.

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  • “I enjoyed the reading and the use of videos. The overall format was very conducive to a busy lifestyle involving family and work.”

  • “Throughout the weeks that I have participated in the course, I have been able to focus on the scripture in a concentrated way. I have never read through the NT so quickly.”

  • “I am a Bible nerd and loved the historical/cultural aspects highlighted throughout the course. These go hand in hand in order to better understand God’s word.”

  • “I have a greater appreciation for what elements of the New Testament mean and how the people portrayed in the books relate to each other.”