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Keep learning while serving

These 100% online, instructor-guided course series provide hands-on learning you can apply to your ministry today and credit toward a future degree with Crown at no additional cost.

Earn Certificates in:

  • Intercultural Holistic Discipleship
  • Community Development
  • Holistic Ministry
  • Multicultural Teams
  • Disaster Relief
  • Refugee Ministry

Upcoming Courses

Why learn with CMTI?

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Content, projects and discussions you can apply directly to your ministry context.

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At just $200 per course in 8-week modules, you can complete a certificate affordably and fast.



Fully accredited, each certificate can be applied as 3 credits of a graduate degree with Crown College (up to 12 total).

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“I am thankful for this course. It provided me with the questions to ask and the tools needed to go deeper in my intercultural discipleship relationships.” 



Intercultural Spiritual Formation Learner

Upcoming Courses

Holistic Ministry Part 1

CMTI 0540 Foundations of Holistic Ministry

Examine major paradigms for holistic ministry and put your learning into action with a project you can apply directly to your context.

In Progress

Intercultural Discipleship Part 2

CMTI 0522 Intercultural Discipleship Methods

Grow your skills in developing Christ-like character in people from a different cultural context in this graduate level mini-course.

In Progress


Reach out to Laura Slezak, Professional Development Coordinator, at slezakl@crown.edu or call (952) 446.4310.